Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cover Reveal: Wasteland by Lindsay Leggett

This is the official cover reveal of the book Wasteland by Lindsay Leggett! And you know what? The cover is designed by the author herself! Isn't that great?
Anyway the information regarding the book and the synopsis is right below in this post. 

Title: Wasteland
Author: Lindsay Leggett
Series: Fight #2
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Here's the Cover


Wasteland, the next book in the FLIGHT trilogy, takes place a few months after the ending of book one. Trapped in a cell and experimented on, Piper Madden’s only hope is remembering Asher. Then, Elder Corp President Rupert Elder gives her new orders: to be a leader in a war against the Harpies. Without a choice, Piper must obey Rupert’s commands or suffer from paralyzing and painful Nanomachines. But the war is just beginning, and Asher has gone missing. The resistance is slowly building, and the upcoming war will be larger and bloodier than anything seen since the Devastation that ruined the earth. Throughout all of this, Piper remembers the time before she ran to Ichton, when David was alive and her hope in Elder Corp was still strong.

 Author Bio

Nearly every writer struggles to put together information about themselves, perhaps because we’re so used to detailing the lives and ways of others. For the most part I am a writer, editor, photographer, and all-around artist living in the wilds north of Toronto, Ontario. I thrive on the juxtaposition of beauty and grit, enjoy urban crawls, indie everything, and time well-spent in the woods.

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