Friday, November 01, 2013

Feature and Follow #1

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This is my first ever Feature & Follow post. So, yeah, I'm super excited about it! This is such a great opportunity to meet and befriend fellow bloggers (and to gain followers, of course! ;-)). I'm hoping to make lots of new friends through this feature. :-)

Question of this week

What book are you embarrassed to admit you LOVED?

First of all, I want to mention that I'm not really embarrassed to admit that I loved a book, I never am! It isn't necessary that my choice of like or dislike will be similar with others. But that isn't embarrassing. The book I'm gonna mention here is the one I loved but most of the other people didn't.
The book is I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh.

I'll provide the synopsis for you, if you want to check out!

Do Love stories ever die? Can modern day gadgets like Mobile phones and the ‘http:\ www’ era of Internet bring you the love of your life? You haven’t met her earlier, but commit to marry. Will you still call this a love marriage? And what if on the engagement day while you pull the ring out from your pocket, you realize what you planned was just a dream which never comes true…? How would you react when a beautiful person comes into your life, becomes your most precious possession and then one day goes away from you…forever? Not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay incomplete. Yet they are beautiful in their own way. Ravin’s love story is one such innocent and beautiful story.

Its a fiction (but based on real life story of the author) by an Indian author. This book holds a very special place in my heart. I haven't seen many people who like this book, you can see yourself by checking it's Goodreads page here. But I do love this book. Well, I have to admit that there is nothing remarkable about the literary content of the book, in fact the language is utterly simple! And that's why I love this book- because its simple, its beautiful. The story is a heart-warming love story which turns out to be a tragedy at the end. Believe it or not, I cried like crazy after reading this book (well, that's a bit embarrassing! :P) but it was spontaneous and I couldn't help it.

So what's you answer to this question?

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  1. I've never heard of that book... might check it out. I'm not embarrassed of any books either, more of peoples reactions when I gush about the books. I picked 2 children's series for mine. My Feature

    New follower via GFC

    1. I hope you'll like this book if you read it.
      I've already checked your feature. :)

  2. I've not heard of this before. I'll have to head over to Goodreads to check it out. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my FF

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life
    New follower via Bloglovin & GFC

  3. I haven't heard of this book either. Thanks for stopping by! Now following via Bloglovin! Have a great weekend!

    ~Pam @ Moonlight Reader

    1. My pleasure, Pam. :)
      Hope you have a great weekend too.

  4. I've never heard of that one but thanks for introducing us to it! Following via GFC & Bloglovin. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Hopping through. Welcome to FF! I've not heard of that book but it's great you love it.
    My FF

  6. It sounds like a pretty good read, thanks for sharing it. I really admire people who don't care what anyone thinks about what they choose to read, I wish I could be more like that!

    New Bloglovin' follower!

    My FF HERE.
    -Seirra @ Dear, Restless Reader

    1. I know, earlier I used to think a lot about what others feel about the book I loved. But at some point I felt it doesn't really matter what others think. If I love a book, I do.
      Thanks for visiting.

  7. Can't say that I've ever heard of that book. I'm similar in that I'm not too embarrassed by books, except romance novels sometimes (depends how sexual and graphic they are).

    Tina @ Pages of Comfort - new follower via GFC and bloglovin!

    My FF

    1. Yeah, I learned that from your FF and its kinda true for me too.
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  8. I've never heard of it before, will have to check it out on Goodreads. I don't get embarrassed by books I love either!

    New GFC & Bloglovin follower =D My FFF.

  9. I haven't heard of this book either. Good answer though.

    New GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by my FF.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm following back via GFC :)

  11. I didn't know this book but it's great you loved it.

    new bloglovin follower

  12. Never heard of this but glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    NEW Follower :D

    1. Its a pleasure!
      Hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  13. I haven't heard of it but it sounds interesting :) Thanks for stopping by and following!

    New Bloglovin' follower
    Zareena @ Books and Books

  14. Ooh I haven't heard of that book but hey it must be good if it brought out serious emotions.
    Following you back, thanks for stopping by.