Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: In Love of Honey, Money...and My Virgin Passport by Mita Jain

How I came to Know about The Book: From Goodreads. It was for an ARR request that I read the book.

Format of The Book: ebook (pdf).

Genre: Contemporary, Indian Fiction

Length of The Book: 205 pages (for pdf version).

A Short Synopsis: Let’s play a game. I say a word, and you think of the next few words that flash in your mind.

Hyderabad –
Bangalore –
Gurgaon -
Mysore –
Pune –

Did something click in your mind? Is there something common about all these places? If so, you already know what this book is about: the very iconic software a.k.a. IT industry.

Is this industry really a way to easy & money-minting job? Maybe yes. Maybe no. What do you say? Perhaps, Vinay can help you decide. (Goodreads Page).

Characters of The Book: Vinay, Loveleena, Cyrus, Farheen, Rajlakshmi, Nikhila, Paramjeet, Samar, A.D., Sunanda Khare, Anoop, Vishnu, Karthik, Khushi.

My Review: Vinay, a fresh graduate in IT opts for a stable and secure job in the software industry. He tries to formulate success
and at the same time balance his professional and personal lives. This book speaks of the hurdles, achievements, feelings 
and deeds of Vinay, a simple yet aspiring, nervous yet intelligent and industrious guy. This is a story of his getting into 
the industry, knowing the industry, his success and struggles out there, and his notion of love and life.

Campus placements, training period, project allocation, team work, party nights, on-bench period, getting involved in a
project, office-politics, KT-sessions, late night works, salary SMS, work pressure, irresponsible colleagues and 
every other thing out there is a part of this book. These are things supposed to happen to most IT professionals in the
first few years. Everyone from IT industry would be able to relate himself with Vinay or at least some of his colleagues among Cyrus, Paramjit, Samar, Rajlakshmi or Nikhila. Mita's way of describing the events and the characters is 
simple and yet distinct. The style of narrating is lucid and quite enjoyable. Every character from Vinay to Samar is very 
much visible to us.The light yet meaningful quotes and the witty humour have made it a good read, indeed.

In his engineering days, Loveleena had been his best friend and a constant support. Meanwhile he gets placed in a renowned software company and shifts to Hyderabad
along with some of his class mates who were placed in the same company. But soon he realizes surviving and succeeding in the
industry is not an easy task. He tries to make a place of his own in the industry amidst office politics and others conspiracy.
And between this hustle and bustles, he realizes his love for Leena, and conveys his feelings. After crossing a few more
barrier of difficulties, he gets an onsite project and a good team to work with. The team succeeds and he gets a good
recognition within his company.Finally gathering lots of experience in a year, he returns to India. He sees his own reflection
in the new recruits of the company, sees history to repeat itself.


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